One of the main services provided by our
company is based on industrial machining,
both at precision-machining and
structure-machining level
by using a variety of materials
and alloys.

· Project design and execution with technical office support.
· Machining through specialised conventional equipment and CNC machinery.
· Construction of industrial tools and machinery.


We offer an industrial machinery
repair service both at our workshop
and in our client's facilities,
according to individual needs.
We also provide a modification and
improvement service in production equipment.

Main repair and maintenance services provided:
· Analysis and evaluation.
· Use of conventional and CNC machinery.
· Technical office support.
· Technical solutions for materials and treatments.
· Welding operations.
· Rapid response of staff and supplies.
· Machinery maintenance according to client needs.


Our means of production include both
high-technology CNC machinery and conventional
machinery so as to offer our client the maximum number
of available resources with regard to market requirements.

We have de following machines:
· Lagun GBM 32 CNC bed-type milling machine
· Anayak VH1800 CNC milling machine
· Sharmann FB-125 boring machine
· VDF lathe

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